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3 fun activities to have at your baby shower

In our previous post, we gave you three tips to get your baby shower planning started.

In this post, we have outlined 3 fun activities to have at your baby shower.

These activities will make a great fit in your agenda. And with the right banquet hall and staff, you can fit these activities in your baby shower.

Find out how many baby products your guests know about

Give your guests a timer and a pen. Ask them to list as many baby products as they can in the given time.

You can even make it more challenging by asking them to name the brands.

Make them guest and use their math skills.

This one is famous not only in baby showers but in corporate events as well.

Start by placing candies in a baby bottle, and count them as well.

Then, it is time for your guest to try their best at guessing the number of candies found inside the bottle.

Make the best one win.

Love notes

Let your guests write notes that your baby will be able to read later on. It will be fun for you and the baby to go over these notes later on!

What will the baby look like

Take photos of the mom and dad, place them on a table. You want your guests to guess what the baby will look like, by combining photos together.

Will the baby have mummy’s smile? or dad’s hair?

Let your guests have some fun with this one!

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