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3 ways to make your wedding reception unforgettable

Most guests will remember only two things, the moment you both said ‘I Do’ and the wedding reception.

Therefore, we have created this quick article on what you can do to make your wedding reception unforgettable.

Whether you have selected our banquet hall in Miramar or another of your choice, these tips will go along way to make your reception the best one ever!

Turn the music up with a DJ

Music tells stories, it interacts with our emotions, and in that special wedding day, it will do this even more.

If you do not have a DJ of your choice, we strongly recommend you to choose a banquet hall that has an in-house DJ or has a great DJ who will make your guests dance!

Work with the DJ to choose songs and consider throwing a few songs that all your guests will know.

Provide your guests with socks or flipflops

Since we are talking about music and dancing, make sure your guests can dance all they want.

Give your guests free socks/flipflops. They will be able to put their high heels away and ready to dance the night off.

Trust us, everyone in your reception will love you for this.

Higher a Photo-Booth

Other than dancing, your guests love to take selfies.

Make this even better by providing costumes and other elements that can be part of the photos.

You can take it even further by saving Digital Versions of these photos and sharing them with your guests on Instagram or any other social network.

These are just some ideas to take when planning your wedding’s reception. There are many more ideas that will make this memorable.

If you have any questions or thoughts, let us know!

Had my wedding there 7 years ago and I still remember every detail…The team their were amazing…Love my good, my mom did my cake but I am sure they have wonderful cake…

Alicia Samuels

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